Friday, 18 March 2011

Monsters OST

Firstly I need to start by saying that 'Monsters' is a cracker of a film, and it shouldn't be pigeon-holed as a District 9 bandwagon-hopper. It isn't an all out CGI-Aliens-in-yer-face-fest, it's about the poignant evolution of a relationship between two people, with the "monsters" serving as a backdrop.
I won't mention that it was written, shot and directed by one man, Gareth Edwards - who also did all the special effects himself, that it only cost £500,000 to make and only starred two actual actors with Edwards getting astounding ad-libbed performances from on-site locals. Oops. Aaanyhow go and check it out, definitely one of my favourite films of 2010.

Jon Hopkins' ethereal soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment to 'Monsters,' and having seen the film it puts you right back in there when you listen to it. Much in the same way that the Lost In Translation soundtrack reminds you of how you felt when you watched it as well as conjuring up that unforgettable image of a neon Japan at night.

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Here's a torrent of the album, sssshhhhhh!

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