Friday, 18 March 2011

As Magnificent as it is Terrifying

Was listening to the Tron soundtrack again this evening and started messing around in Ableton. Whipped this baby up in 2 hours, so chuffed that I thought I'd post the bugger up, even though it's not quite finished.
I'll conjure up some artwork soon

Shut yer eyes and imagine a wide shot of a barren wasteland where a city has just been destroyed. People are searching round the smouldering rubble, desperately hoping to find surviving family members. The camera is slowly moving about these hopeless people. The camera then slowly moves upwards and approaches a ridge and as it slowly moves over this ridge it reveals a towering structure that's clearly responsible for the devastation. It is as magnificent as it is terrifying.

As Magnificent as it is Terrifying by Mousey Brown

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